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Knee Support

Nineteen year old Eddie is severely disabled and uses a Sara Stedy to transfer around his home. The task for Remap was to devise a means of preventing Eddie’s knees from sliding sideways off the knee support pad fitted to the Stedy.

Eddie also uses a Leckey Horizon stander that has knee restraint pads. It was felt that if these pads could be fitted to the Stedy, they would provide the required lateral support. A spare pair of Horizon support pads was purchased and a special bracket made to mount these onto the Stedy in place of the standard support pad.

With the left hand pad spaced rearwards with a wooden block, the arrangement proved entirely satisfactory.




Special Lifting Device

This  item was made for a gentleman who had no legs.   He  could shuffle around the house quite successfully but struggled to get into bed. The Occupational Therapist asked Remap for help.  This special hoist easily lifted him from  floor level to the bed  level.     Unfortunately  circumstances  have now  changed  and  the hoist,  although  unique,   is  in store  awaiting  any other  possible client.




WINDOW OPENERS produced by members of Leeds & Bradford Remap Panel.

Sometimes clients just cannot reach or have arthritis that makes opening and closing modern windows impossible.

A variety of these gadgets enables remote  pressing of the window button and twisting for a wide variety of  window  handle  designs .



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